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The "In between time" blog posts are going to be a short, general topic segments and other stuff. These will occur "In Between" my main blogs on composition.

YAWN******I have found that musicians are easily bored. Think about it. How many times you were in the practice room doing scales, rudiments or going through a composition and your mind wandered to places unknown. In times when that has happened to me I've used it as an alarm or signal to change things up a bit. My practice regimen consists of warmup, timekeeping to a metronome, sight reading exercises and a rudimental warm down. Whenever boredom creeps its head around the corner I reach for my piano books to do sight reading exercises (at the piano of course).  Also, I review books and videos on Latin, Brazilian rhythms or Jazz arranging.  Anything to keep my mind focused and fresh is a remedy for my desire to go on autopilot. Even if it's taking a walk.  I'd like to know what you do to cure your boredom in the practice room. Share in the comments below and look for the next installment on the compositional drummer. 

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