The Compositional Drummer

The Compositional Drummer

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The Drummer Composer

Why a composer?

My catch word for life as has been legacy. There are many fine drummers in the world. Many are vying for the same position, playing similar genres, copping the same licks often leaving one being compared to the next.  Like most kids learning to play drums I was going to work hard and be in a super band like my favorite group Earth, Wind and Fire.  What I didn't realize is the top of the proverbial pyramid in the music business was very narrow and reserved for only a few so how was I going to have a career in music. Luckily early on I discovered a love for piano. I began writing lead sheets for the garage bands I was in. That led to me studying music composition in college which led to me having a career in music as a drummer, composer and arranger. So why a composer? First, there is a tangibility that comes along with composing music either in the form of a sellable score or CD product. Second, residuals from ASCAP or other performing rights societies. When your music is played on the radio or in film you get paid. Third, another marketable talent as an arranger. Having the ability to be called to write charts or arrange music will fill in the gaps when you are between drumming jobs. My personal reason, I enjoy the exploring and sharing of that side of my musical being. Along with the drums and cymbals I use, my compositions are my voice!

It is easier than ever for musicians to be heard today. You have Youtube, SoundCloud and other digital media services to introduce your "Voice".  Because music is so widely available that doesn't mean that the consumer is ignorant, giving way to one releasing unintelligent uninspired music. Harmony, Melody, Rhythm and Form are still important to the listener and it is the composers job to make sure they leave them with a pleasant experience by incorporating those tools.  So this series is aimed at the drummer that wants to compose music and share his musical ideas and voice with the world in song. To do that effectively you need to apply your music education carefully and effectively. That which lasts long after you are gone is your legacy.  Many players will come and go but your individual voice on the instrument and music composition style you employ is unique to you. It's my Hope you get something from what I share and I hope the world gets something from you…The beautiful music you compose. 

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