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Less Than Inspired? Maybe a change of perspective is due

What’s your Inspiration?


Inspiration is a funny thing as a composer. What might inspire you might not necessarily inspire the next person. Though possibly debatable, it’s always possible to find something to write about. That’s why I believe one should attempt to write in their sketch book daily. Outside of personal experiences, inspiration for a song can come from anything we see, touch, hear, smell or taste. So as an exercise this week take the time to use your senses as a point of inspiration. I’m not asking you to compose something musically profound and deep. This is strictly an exercise in finding inspiration. Think it won’t work?  Mr. Calhoun Tubbs will emphatically disagree. Check out this video. He demonstrates the possibility to write a song about anything. Although very funny, much truth is often found in jest. Until Friday, stay creative:-)



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