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The Compositional Drummer

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Singer songwriter, Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist... What am I?

You can comb the internet for the academic definition of composing music and songwriting. Many answers provide the technical and practical differences. But as a creative, I'll share with you what I tell all my composition students. Composing music, lyrics, and writing songs allows the listener or audience, if you will, to peek inside your world . It tells one what is on your heart, soul and mind. It explains the nature of "you".  Most new songwriters will copy what's current and popular and that's okay but if you truly want to connect with the listener, for the long haul (career), you must share your heart. Make no mistake though, one can't randomly throw words on a page or break away from musical norms that the public is used to. If you are trying to connect with your audience, one must obey the framework and structure of good music composition, as it has been time tested from Bach to the Beatles. So sit down, write what's on your mind, share your heart and let the world peek at your soul. It's beautiful and relatable. Share, share, share.

In closing, as I was taught the academic definition of composer as one who can notate on manuscript paper his or her musical ideas, employing the elements of harmony, melody, rhythm, texture and form. It might be debatable but make no mistake, there's nothing more beautiful that a well documented piece of work on manuscript. Ahhhhh;-)

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