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The Lyric story….

Just what heck are you saying?


I’m not a huge fan of pop music. I listen to it but by and large not my fave. However, whenever I’m teaching composition to my students I use Pop music as a model. Why? because it’s simple.


So much about music can be appreciated if things are kept simple. For instance, I was listening to Beyonce’s song titled Love On Top and thought to myself this is a perfect example of the Lyric story. It addresses all the important information about who, what, and why. As writers how often is the tendency to wander around a topic aimlessly as opposed to carefully and craftily addressing the ever important story. So as an exercise this week write a song paying close attention to the lyric story. Create the song around a simple groove. Remember I-IV-V or V7 are important chords to use in pop music. Make the melody singable and easy to remember. Write and rewrite.


In future Monday blogs I will deconstruct and analyze more songs, beginning with this one. It is so brilliantly simple. No wonder it was a hit. Take time to analyze it in detail.  Click the link. Tell me what you think in the comments below


Beyoncé – Love On Top


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